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How to clear these codes DTC 1415, DTC 1416

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  • How to clear these codes DTC 1415, DTC 1416

    2015 210 5.7 294hrs

    After a long 3/4 throttle run for 30-45 min solid I slowed to a no wake and pulled in for fuel. When we pulled out of the no wake and went to 3/4 throttle both codes came up .
    i shut down immediately and check everything. Plenty of water flow though strainer.(impeller replaced in the spring) and Have put about 50 hrs on since this.
    ran the boat for another 2-3 days with 0 codes after.

    how do I clear these two codes from memory?

    thank for the help in advance.

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    I had those codes come up on my boat as well after about 90 hours. My question for you is this a boat that is used in salt water at all? If sonyou may be experiencing something similar to what happened to us. We have a coastal version that was used in salt water and I was never informed about the sacrificial anodes that are in the exhaust manifold that need to be changed at around 50 hours what happens is the anodes start to break down and clog the passageway that they screw into and that leads to elevated manifold temperatures near to where the sensor is located. You can erase these codes if you go into the dealer settings by inputting 9191 into the dealer code entry boxes and then go to fault codes and clear them.


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      The more difficult process is cleaning out the anode passageways which is a lot of tedious work with pics and files to clean out the dissolved anode material which becomes quite hardened in that passageway and must be cleared out prior to putting in a new anode


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        Thank you for the info.
        our 210 is not a coastal and has spent its life in fresh water so I do not believe it has an Anode. I'm hoping when I clear the codes with the information you gave me it clears this issue up.
        when you cleaned the exhaust passages is it something you did? I'm looking at trading up to a G23 in the next year or two and coastal editions seem to be priced better.

        Thank you again for the help