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2019 230 Engine trouble

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  • 2019 230 Engine trouble

    Last weekend our 230 with 122 hours (well taken care of) showed “oil pressure 0 psi”. We got towed in and took to dealer. No oil leaks and oil level good.

    Dealer put it in the water and pressure was fine? But, with the engine compartment there is a noticeable “knock”. Dealer is calling PCM to no avail due to Covid and they are busy. He made a comment about not digging in until they talk to PCM.

    So it’s August and the family is unhappy as we hang at the house!

    does anyone have any thoughts? Or experience with engine trouble on the 409?

    Hoping for anything I might point them to to speed things along.

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    I don't have good news. I purchased a 2020 GS20 in April. Same problem began in June. I cycled the system and that fixed it until July 3rd, when I had the same problem. Took it into the dealer and I have to have a new engine. Now my dealer says I won't get my boat back until next year. They said it was a defective motor part. I believe they said a pressure relief valve is defective. Was so mad I didn't listen that well though. So much for my brand new boat.