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Please help. 95 Super Sport GT40 started/ran now nothing.

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  • Please help. 95 Super Sport GT40 started/ran now nothing.

    I have a 95 super sport that is owned for 20 years And has about 500 hours. . I have never had any problems with the boat. Last weekend the boat ran great but my ignition switch started sticking in the on position. I ordered a new ignition switch.My whole family is in town from California for the weekend and my brothers and I switched out the ignition/breaker switch On the dash and put two new batteries in. There were a total of four red wires connected to the two spade connectors on the new 20 Amp breaker switch. While the boat was still in the garage after installing the new switch I turned the key on to make sure it would start and the boat started right up and ran for maybe two or three seconds and then just quit. We tried again and the boat will just turn over and over but won’t start. I took it to a local shop but because it was 5 o’clock on Friday afternoon they couldn’t do much more than a few quick tests. They said they didn’t hear the fuel pump kicking on before turning the key and checked power to the fuel pump. There was no Power to the fuel pump and we speculated that it had started with the fuel that was in the system and it had run out and died. I brought the boat home hoping to fix myself and after a few hours I decided to check spark. To my surprise there was no spark! I got a multimeter and checked both sides of the 60 amp breaker and add 12volt on both sides of the 60amp breaker on the engine. I have not been able to confirm that on the 15amp and 12.5 amp breakers Because there is the original coating around the connections on the back of the breaker. It seems like a sensor or electrical issues. There are several articles about this topic on correct craft but that site is down and I cannot read any of them. It’s 5 AM trying to work on the boat right now and going crazy any ideas or help is greatly appreciated. I read a few articles on this site and it talked about relays but to be honest I don’t know exactly where those are

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    Check your safety lanyard. Make sure it is fully clipped and seated. Also check your wires to / from the lanyard and make sure they are solid. Maybe verify your wiring too.

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ID:	619278Yep checked lanyard and all is good. I just took off the ecu and there was about 2 tablespoons of water in the bottom of the boot?
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        I suspect you put the wrong leads on at the battery. Memory is a bit fuzzy but one of those leads for what ever reason is black, I believe it is the feed for the fuel pumps/ ecm, it is about 10 gauge in size. That is why everything else works. Why they did not use a red wire is beyond me. Maybe check out wiring diagram in gt40 engine book on here. I don’t have access to my boat at this time or I would check for you


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          Let me rephrase that- there are 2 black 10 gauge wires on the battery in addition to the two heavy approximately 1 gauge red and black ones. One of the 10 gauge ones will be the ground for the engine electronics the other is the power for the electronics ie the pumps, ecm etc. you will need to trace them out to see where they go.


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            Thanks! Going to check now.