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Transmission oil level: IRM40-1S (1.00:1 ratio)

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  • Transmission oil level: IRM40-1S (1.00:1 ratio)

    I am confused as to how to properly check the transmission fluid level in this transmission as the information in the maintenance manual is misleading.

    My transmission is equipped with a screw in style ‘T-handle’ dipstick. On page 30 of the maintenance manual, it mentions two transmissions; a PCM transmission with a standard dipstick (1.23:1 ratio) and a Hurth transmission with the screw in ‘T-handle’ style dipstick. The PCM transmission is to be checked after it is warmed up to normal temperature, engine running and transmission in neutral. The Hurth on the other hand is to be checked immediately after the engine is shutdown.

    According to the identiplate, it is a PCM transmission. Those with a similar setup, which guidance are you following?

    Second question, both times now when I have checked the oil level on my Power Plus 1.48:1 v-drive transmission, pressure was relieved as I unscrewed the plug. Has anyone else experienced this? Seems abnormal to me and am curious to know if this transmission has a breather that has failed or is clogged.

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    In a similar boat. The manual for the PCM transmission read to run the motor and to make sure to put it in forward and reverse at least once before checking. With the motor running in neutral check the stick after screwing it in. As for the V-Drive, mine hissed when I opened it too. Following to see if that is normal. On a side note, what was the color of your V-drive oil on the stick when you pulled it out? I am worried mine has water in it, but cannot get a clear idea of what normal looks like.


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      If you engage the transmission with the boat out of the water and on the trailer, be sure to lubricate your propeller shaft and strut bearing with some water and dish soap lube. Don’t run it too long with the prop turning.


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        I will take a look later, but I believe it was amber. I’ve taken the plug out of the v-drive twice this week and both times it relieved built up pressure. I checked the transmission while on the water this weekend and checked it after the engine and transmission were at normal operating temperatures. When I checked it I left the engine running and the transmission in neutral and screwed the dipstick in all the way just as you would a traditional dipstick. I serviced it to just below the max line. I believe this is the correct way.

        After searching online some more, I did find an updated PCM maintenance manual that depicted the screw in style dipstick for PCM transmissions, although it does still mention the 1.28:1 ratio transmission.


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          This is what I found in the 2013 PCM Owners Maintenance Manual. It does state that the procedure is for a 40 series transmission. Hope this helps.

          Also, upon checking the V-drive oil level, pressure was again relieved. I’m assuming this is normal since LiquidDreams experiences the same. The oil color is yellow, reminds me of the color of mineral oil.
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            The Power Plus v-drive oil is a special synthetic oil (They say its "maintainance free" in the manual but when you do some digging you will see where they say to replace it at 5yrs or 500hrs. I have a Power Plus in my boat and replaced the fluid last year, the fluid color is basically clear...with some age it may have an amber hue.
            Nautique Parts sells it (P/N = R190251).



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              Has anyone used Penrite Oil for the V-Drive.
              I am trying to find a suitable oil, dealer said SAE 50 but didnt specify exact one.

              This is for a 2015, 210 PCM 6.0 with the power plus transmission..

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