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Depth Highlight on built-in Navionics?

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  • Depth Highlight on built-in Navionics?

    I just took delivery on my new GS20 yesterday, and there a LOT to learn with the interface. Water levels right now in central MN are up to 2’ below normal, and I was on an unfamiliar lake with a lot of rock piles in the middle of nowhere that have been known to damage boats and props. I was using the Navionics, but I”m really not a fan of the default colors. It seemed like everything 20 feet or less was once shade of blue, and everything greater than 20 feet was white. This lead to a lot of unnecessary anxiety driving through 15’ of water in the “blue” shaded part of the map.

    Is it possible to highlight depths in the interface like I could do if this was installed on a Lowrance unit? Set it up to highlight anything less than 4 feet of water, and have everything else be white? I do this in my fishing boat all the time. I couldn’t find ANY configurable parameters, so I’m probably not looking in right right space?

    Also - this boat is listed as a 27” draft. Is that the hull only, or the water level to the bottom of the propeller? I”m so paranoid about shearing a prop off!

    Thank you!

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    Are you talking about a depth alarm? There is one and it's configurable. I have mine set for 3 feet of water.

    Outside of that, there's no color coding or anything. It's just a simple depth finder in these boats. It's not about finding bottom contours.



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      Thanks! Certainly not interested in following the contour, just a little nervous about driving into shallow areas unintentionally and bottoming out/unmarked rock piles. I like the areas under 4 feet deep on the map to be bright red, but if I can't do that then so be it. Good tip on the depth alarm, I'll give that a shot.


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        Yea. The map function is simply waypoints and tracks. It doesn't highlight water depth.