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ZR6 SANTE 2007 seems to steam when surfing.

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  • ZR6 SANTE 2007 seems to steam when surfing.

    I had this issue before but i don’t know what’s going on. It seems when it steams more it doesn’t want to hold surf speed on perfect pass. Also seems to happen when it’s running 93 which I know makes sense but I had to get it on the lake the other day as 87 was not an option. I have done plugs, wires, impeller and all of the other options. I’m guessing this is why everyone goes to fresh air exhaust? Runs fine flat out but it may be a perfect pass not holding in rough water or my imagination

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    Mine does that as well from time to time. My engine seemed to be more based on temperature, but honestly I think it has more to do with ambient temp, humidity and atmospheric conditions as mine currently isnít doing it and everything else has not changed. But Iím sure this place will price me wrong and make me fee like an idiot.

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      Closed cooling runs hotter, and maybe the water is still cold there? As long as boat is running fine and gauges, cooling system, fluids are good I would not be too concerned.


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        I also feel like loading stock ballast as well as a 500 nose bag and two 750s piggy backed could be too much weight and it’s just sluggish.