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2014 G21 Linc radio control

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  • 2014 G21 Linc radio control

    I am unable to control the radio through the Linc screen. Radio works and functions properly through the Polk head unit in the glove box and with the transom remote. It seems that the Polk unit is not communicating with the linc screen. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    If it just suddenly happened, you may need to just fully shutdown the linc and then cut battery, restart.

    I have 2015. Every now and then it glitches, mostly after using Linc a lot to control music for a long time. I think maybe ram/memory issue.

    Anyway, maybe that helps, or maybe you have a little more of a problem.

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      I have recently had the Linc software updated and the radio controls have not worked since. It is always difficult to get my boat into the dealer in my area. Just wondering if there is a setting that needs to be changed. I have tried the full reboot by disconnecting the batteries with no luck.