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New steering cable sounds like slapping behind the dash?

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  • New steering cable sounds like slapping behind the dash?

    Hi guys,

    I had a new steering cable installed this winter by my dealership in my 2009 230. It made a huge improvement in handling, and I was really pleased. I've probably run the boat about 5-7 hours since getting it back this spring.

    We went out surfing yesterday for the first time this season, and when taking off in surf setup, there's a sound/feeling of something slapping in the console behind the wheel. After about 2-3 secs of this, it calms down and goes away. At other normal modes of operation, steering seems fine.

    It didn't do this before the new cable, then again the steering was so stiff, it took lots of effort to move the wheel.

    Any ideas?


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    my brand new gs22 did the same thing the first few times it was on the water. specifically over bigger bumps, waves, wakes. it would also do it when running the boat hard at near full throttle. i could feel it knocking.
    i pulled the cover under the helm and secured everything I could possibly find. I then pulled the end of the steering cable rack and pinion and pumped as much grease as i could into it (even though it was lubed already).
    since then the noise is gone. I think the grease did the trick??


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      Thanks Kylant! I guess I'll do the same and see if it improves things. I didn't know if a new cable can *stretch* and then needs to be reset, or if it's some other problem. Thanks for the help!