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Catalytic Converter too Hot - 2012 SAN230

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  • Catalytic Converter too Hot - 2012 SAN230

    We started getting diagnostic errors for "closed loop gasoline bank too high" (DTC1157) and noticed that the CES catalytic converter was getting too hot and turning brown (see attached picture).
    -The raw water thermostat was clogged and broken and was replaced with new.
    -New raw water impeller installed.
    -Checked screen on oil cooler.
    -Also cleaned out transmission cooler filter/screen.
    -All hoses checked for leaks
    -Followed instructions to purge antifreeze system of air per PCM manual. We noticed no antifreeze was coming out of the hex screw plugs on top of the CES catalytic converter. System purged fine at the heat exchanger and the heater valve.
    -Engine temp consistently running at 165 for 2 years.
    -We have noticed the CES catalytic converter getting slightly browner the past 2 years.

    Any help is appreciated.

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