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  • PCM Maintenance Specs.

    I’m reading manuals-having taken delivery of my 2020 Paragon with a ZZ8 engine today. It appears, not surprisingly, that the filters are the same as the other 6.2L engines. What is troubling is that this, I’ll call it “generic” engine manual doesn’t seem to specify oil viscosity that I’ve found. Yes, it says to use Dexos 2, and yes, it says you can use synthetic. I’m virtually positive that my ZZ8 calls for 5W-30 synthetic. Trouble is, I’ll have to confirm viscosity and capacity by calling them. This shouldn’t be the case. I should at least have a specific section that delineates maintenance, capacities and parts #’s for the ZZ8. I get the feeling that PCM is trying to do what BMW does-which is to show nothing of the sort-as they want all service via the dealer... I love my dealer, but this ain’t happening. This will be an easily addressed issue, but is a pain in my a—. I miss the good old days when manuals showed this stuff...

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    The lack of specific information regarding oil maintenance has been a problem for years. I think PCM/Nautique are just lazy on this issue. Employing skilled document writers is a low priority for many companies. The tendency of management is to let people use online resources for information. I would call the dealer and get a recommendation. Or email PCM. They have been responsive in the past.

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      I agree with every word you said. It is hard when one is an “exacting” individual who does most preventative maintenance on his own. PCM and dealers don’t want this...


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        You just bought a quarter million dollar boat and they can't even give you an owners manual with essential info in it? They would be overnighting me one, in color.... Just my .02


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          I have an update as a result of a conversation with a gentleman at PCM today. (For the record, getting someone at PCM is a bit of a trick; their whole phone "tree" is designed to send you right back to a dealer). At any rate, I had a gentleman's name and contact from an issue I had with my 2017 G23 with the H6. (My engine came without a port side catalyst in the exhaust manifold; PCM quickly sent the part-but this is how this person and I got to know one another almost 3 years ago...unfortunately.) (You can look back at my early threads on the forum to follow that story...) Anyway, I told him my issue. He agreed, and said that they are working on it, and basically said that the 6" x 12" generic manual I have is junk. They are working on the ZZ8 manual right now. He told me the ZZ8 takes 0W-40 synthetic (which I call European formula in Mobil 1 terms). Anyway, my manual has very little as I mention above. So for all of you that have the ZZ8, (which at this point may only be about 10-20 of us)-hold tight. He told me it is coming shortly. Why wouldn't they get this written to be published with the engine introduction? I'll stop here and won't be nasty, but this is silliness. (Again, he didn't necessarily disagree).
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            Thanks for sharing the story. My issue with it is simple. Why couldn't their be a note or slip of paper saying that they are working on it, and it will be out soon?

            We all know that everything these days comes to market too soon, before manuals and kinks are worked out. But at the very least throw in a note saying an eta, and how a link on where you will be able to download when available.