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2001 Super Air Nautique engine replacement

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  • 2001 Super Air Nautique engine replacement

    Hi all
    I am planning to replace the engine (PCM GT40) in my Super Air Nautique. Any tips or hints on how to proceed? Do I need to remove the upper deck from the hull?
    Thanks in advance for your help, Phil

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    What's wrong with the engine you have?



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      I bought the boat with a damaged engine, it was running without oil due to a loose oil drain hose. At least the main bearings need to be replaced. However, I would like to switch to an engine with catalyst converter, in order to be able to use the boat on the Lake of Constance (Bodensee) in central Europe. The emission regulations are very strict here.


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        Although I haven't done a GT40 i have pulled the motor from a similar year Super Air.

        You don't need to remove the upper half. Just disconnect from the trans, unplug everything, pull the hoses, and you'll probably need to remove the exhaust manifolds (I did). Out it comes.

        As far as the catalyst motor I think some of the newer bobtail motors can be configured that way but they aren't cheap.


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          Many thanks for the advice. We'll start working on it in spring, after the mountain skiing season. I hope I will have a replacement engine by then. I'll keep you posted about the progress...