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Shutting off automatically. Wiring/Sensor issue

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  • Shutting off automatically. Wiring/Sensor issue

    2000 SAN is shutting off exactly one second after I take my finger off the start button. I initially suspected a fuel issue but when I slept on it I’m pretty sure it’s got to be electrical. I checked the pressure release in the fuel canister and each time it had the same amount of pressure and released maybe a tea spoon of gas. I tried going in neutral and revving the engine but it still stopped one second after I let off the starter. Even tried holding the start down for up to 5 seconds, the motor cranked right up every time and stopped after I released the start button regardless of how long I held the button down. Is there a sensor that would be shutting down the motor to protect the system? V-drive, Transmission fluid, etc...?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Sounds like lanyard issue.


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      Yep. I thought if the lanyard was off it wouldn’t crank at all so I never checked it. I pulled the lanyard off and cycled the button a few times and put it back on and everything is working fine. Thanks.