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2004 210 Ignition Problem

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  • 2004 210 Ignition Problem

    Gday All,

    I have a 2004 210 with under 500 hours on the PCM Excalibur.

    For some reason it will not kick over.

    All batteries are charged. I have checked the kill switch and seems to be fine. When I put the key in the ignition and turn it to start - everything turns on and powers up (radio, dash instruments, perfect pass, check engine light and 1200 rpm warning light. I can hear pump(s) in the engine bay pressurise and the tone beeps once.

    When I turn the key further right to start the starter motor, I get nothing. Literally nothing happens.

    Any ideas would be welcomed greatly.


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    Are you sure the throttle is in neutral? I would wiggle that a few times in/out of gear since that would be the most obvious thing to me. I spent an hour on my boat 1 time cussing my head off thinking something was wrong cause EVERYTHING was normal except fact that boat would not actually turn over.....and it turned out that I had bumped the throttle somehow and it was not locked into neutral. Fired right up after realizing that. Lol

    Once you rule that out, make sure you have power to the starter and/or you dont have a loose wire on your ignition which is keeping it from sending power when you turn it that last click.... your starter could be going out or could be simpler option and just be the bendix not getting power to spin the starter. Not recommending this option, but if you know how to use a screwdriver to jump the 2 screws on the starter that would tell you if that is the issue.


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      For clarity for members who experience this moving forward.

      I ended up checking all the wires from the starter motor back to the battery. There are three fuses and a relay after the ignition and before the starter motor. All of this was fine and I could actually here the relay trigger. (The Nautique manuals on wiring / parts etc are very helpful, Iíd suggest saving them if you havenít already)

      So, pulled the starter motor out which was fairly easy.

      Solenoid positive terminal was absolutely cactus, loose and corroded.

      New starter motor went in, and kicked over straight away!

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        It's great when someone not only reports a problem but also what fixed it.
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