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Dripless prop seal drains manifolds

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  • Dripless prop seal drains manifolds

    Recently winterized my 07 SANTE 220. I have the ZR6 so I only have to worry about draining the manifolds, vdrive and rest of raw water system. I noticed when draining Vdrive and manifolds that the exhaust had no water in them. I have read before that prop shaft dripless seal will drain some of the system out. I noticed when taking in antifreeze that it also drained a lot from system. Any insight on this?

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    The drip-less seal is lubricated by a flow of water which comes from the raw water cooling system. What you're seeing is gravity at work. If you're goal is to have the antifreeze stay in the manifolds you're going to need to remove the line and block the path with either a bolt in the hose if you remove the hose from the drip-less shaft housing or probably a easier location would be at the manifold and use something like a manifold vacuum cap to temporally block the path like one of these....

    If you do this just be sure to notate and make sure you reconnect this line first thing in the spring. In all honesty the primary goal is to ensure there is no water in the manifolds. Having the antifreeze pouring out the through the drip-less shaft coupler would certainly indicate you've accomplished this, which for many would indicate end of job.


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      BTurner thanks for the input. I went ahead and drained the system of water anyway but I filled with antifreeze and noticed it was pouring out so I looked online and found it will drain system of water if not clamped. Vdrive was full of antifreeze when I checked and manifolds were dry so I basically just wasted a few gallons of AF.


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        Yeah I found this out the hard way as well. Nothing like having the wife point out that you're pouring antifreeze on the driveway to drive home the point you're doing something wrong.I get reminded of it every year when I start winterizing the boat.