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  • Increase NSS speed

    Anyone know how to increase the speed past 12.9 mph and still have the NSS work? We want to foil at a faster speed, say 13.9.

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    I honestly donít think there is a way to do this. The speed is maxed out at 12.9 to prevent any issues with the plates attached to the boat, going to fast could cause damage and itís a safety concern. Just my .02
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      I think you could use river mode to bias it. Just set the river current to 1 mph and tell it you are traveling with the current and then it will adjust the 12.9mph gps speed to make the speed over water at 13.9mph

      I haven't tried it, but we were having to go 12.5 with the current to clean up the surf wake last week, and it crossed my mind. Any faster current and the NSS wouldn't deploy.