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  • Gauge / Gateway Diagnosis

    Still wrestling with a couple of things on my 2007 236, Zr6.

    3 gauges went out simultaneously:
    Oil Pressure
    Engine Temp

    3 gauges remain fully functional:

    The shop thinks it may be my gateway. After reading til my eyes bleed, it sounds like Gateway gauges are daisy chained, and when one goes, they all go? Additionally,
    when I run a continuity tester on the 8 pin harness connector show below, I get no continuity on the tach, temp, or oil pressure. Lastly, my PP readout does register engine RPM. Perhaps I am confused, but seems like it indicates the problem is up stream of the gate way box as the signal is not even making it there? Thoughts?

    Click image for larger version

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    I have a 2005 SAN 210 with an Exclibur engine. I have been having similiar issues with gauges, intermittent reading, failing simultaeously, etc. Found water and corrosion in my gateway box, tore it apart, cleaned and dried, put it back together and all gauges are working. The water came from the speedo pitot tubes hooked into the gateway, i did not hook them back up as I will use my perfect pass for speed.

    Not sure if your set up is similiar but your issues certainly are.


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      As I understand it, they started using the paddle wheel in 2006 and the pitot tubes into the gateway box where no more. Gateway box could still be bad though.
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        Thanks all! It is a paddle wheel shouldnt be full of water.

        If the engine harness feeds the gateway analog signals and the gateway converts them to digital signals for the gauges, it would seem like i should get a signal from the engine harness when I use my continuity tester. Additionally, the CEL and warning buzzer are not going off, which implies that the ECU is getting appropriate readings from the sensors themselves?

        Ill pull the gateway and open it up....


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          Any update on this issue?

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            The gauges in my 06 were acting up sometimes the oil pressure would work sometimes it wouldn't, then the temp gauge was in and out only consistent gauge was the battery voltage even the depth finder was locking up. I pulled the gateway box and it was clean no signs of moisture or corrosion. I even checked all the plugs going up to the gauges and cleaned them with contact cleaner and still no luck. I finally did the gateway delete earlier this summer and no issues since. Your 07 would be really easy too since you don't have to run the wiring harness cable to the back of the boat, everything is under the dash.



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              Originally posted by J9015 View Post
              Any update on this issue?

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              negative. have service scheduled to diagnose the issue. will report back.