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  • Keypad backup or bypass

    My 2003 SANTE has the keypad for start/stop and all the accessories (I think they all do?). At 16 years I'm worried about the long-term reliability of the keypad. I read in this thread about a way to bypass it for emergency purposes, which makes a lot of sense to me. Security is not an issue for me, and anyway there's no code set so I don't need the number buttons to work for the boat to run.

    The very fact that there's no code and that my 16 year old keypad still works perfectly leads me to wonder if it's been replaced at some point. The boat had about 550 hours when I got it in 2017, so I think it could go either way... could be original, maybe not, who knows?

    What I'm thinking is, these things will probably not be made forever. Parts like this go NLA and owners have to find workarounds. I think the time and money spent in replacing / rewiring everything to work with switches would be more than the $360 for a new keypad, which is why I'm thinking I should buy one from NautiqueParts now while they're readily available. With PND it's $324 to have a complete perfect replacement on hand and ready. Even if I'm able to use the bypass to get home, I can foresee a time when we'd be unable to really use the boat because of a faulty keypad and again, the time and money to replace it with something else - even the time to get one ordered if they ARE available - could really ruin a weekend or a week of family boat time.

    So, am I crazy to order one of these things on the off chance that it fails, or that it MIGHT fail, and it might just be bad timing, or because they might (will) some day become NLA?

    Or, should I build up the replacement set of switches and ignition key or whatever, ready to wire up in the event of a failure?

    Meanwhile I plan to make a bypass setup ready for that one time when the start button decides to quit with a thunderstorm approaching.