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Ballast Pump Relay Issues 2010 SANTE 230

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  • Ballast Pump Relay Issues 2010 SANTE 230

    First of all Thanks to everyone on this forum for all the knowledge that is being shared.
    I have spent a lot of time and learned loads from this place!!!

    So I have been through three relays for my Belly and Starboard Ballast Pumps and at some point one of them actually fried the coupling part along with the relay.
    Has anyone had recurring relay issues and or seen something like this? Little concerned there is some short taking place in the Battery switch panel or between there and the pumps.

    Click image for larger version

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      Have you removed the ballast pumps to be sure they spin freely and/or not seized up? I replace my ballast impellers every 2 summers and once I take them apart, I use 1200 grit and then 2000 grit to smooth surfaces where impeller turns as well as lube up the impeller shaft and make sure it spins freely. (actually just did this the other day on my 3 Ballast Puppy pumps). Wakemakers sells the impellers.
      Just wondering if one of the pumps is going bad and is causing an overload.
      Not sure how to test with voltmeter, that is not my expertise but that may be another way to pinpoint the issue. Maybe not related but checking ground connections for corrosion may be another good idea


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        I hadnít thought of the pump being bad as I have been able to ďjumpĒ the belly from the starboard by using some quick connects. I will unplug the startnoard and plug in the belly to fill/drain. Itís an added step and time consuming but has been my temporary fix...I will check impellors this weekend and give them some attention.
        It seems to be more of a short somewhere because as soon as I pop a new relay in and hit the button it blows the relay...