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Gt-40 engine hesitation

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  • Gt-40 engine hesitation

    I have a 98 ski nautique with a fuel injected gt-40, and ive replaced all spark plugs and wires, distributor cap and rotor, high pressure fuel pump and new fuel filter for FCC also that little fuel line connecting the high pressure fuel pump to top of the FCC going to fuel rails, cleaned all fuel lines and tanks, replaced all battery terminals and connectors, cleaned flame resistor.
    The issue im have is that only 15-20 min after the boats has been running it starts to hesitate drastically when running below 3000rpm as long as you dump the throttle from the start and you can get it to 3000rpm NO issue anything below she goes to ****.
    when the engine is cold you would never know there is a problem then it just comes outta no where, it feels and seems electrical, like once the engine compartments and all connectors start to get warm its like something isnt communicating with ECM properly, and also during these problems im have fuel pressure sustains 39 +/-3 psi