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Need help with Gortex stuffing box packing

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  • Need help with Gortex stuffing box packing

    I saw some posts about shaft packings, but nothing recent that answered my questions...

    I have a 2005 216 direct-drive with a 1-inch shaft. I recently had a new alignment and shaft installed by a dealer using 1/4" Gortex packing. First run out, it heated up big time (boiling water that would touch it) and I did not have wrenches with me to fix it. So, I limped it back and replaced the packing with new Gortex myself this time figuring I smoked the old stuff. I cut three loops, staggered the gaps etc... This time out I tightened everything myself and was paranoid about the heat. So I left it loose enough for it to drip at a rate of about 1-drip per second. However, it still heated up hot enough to boil water! I also noticed, the drips appear to be coming from the threads and not where the shaft enters the nut (where I expected it to drip). Am I missing something here?? If the nut is so loose it drips from the threads, I don't know what else I can do... shouldn't some water drip from the shaft side?? Is there a break-in period with the Gortex such that this is normal at first?? I'm thinking of just trying the normal flax rope...

    Any thoughts??

    Thank you for any feedback.

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    Sent you a PM. I'm having a similar issue on my 98 SN after using Gore packing this year.
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      After additional attempts with the GORE packing, I am going back to normal flax rope. I currently have a steady stream of boiling water coming out of my packing.... Anyone else have this issue?