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Excalibur 5.7L crank oil seal help

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  • Excalibur 5.7L crank oil seal help

    Hoping someone else has come across this and can advise. I've got the Excalibur 330 5.7L in a 2005 Sport Nautique 216. I had the boat running on the hose yesterday as I was completing the spring tune up, so had just done an oil change and had the boat idling to get warm, check for leaks etc. I noticed a few drops of oil that appeared to come out behind the crank wheel. I think technically this would be the rear of the engine?, however it's the part that faces the bow of the boat where the cerpentine belt runs through all the pulleys. The oil appears to be coming from behind the crank pulley that drives the cerpentine belt. Looking at the engine diagram, the likely culprit could be the oil seal that is located behind the balancer as the crank comes out the timing cover. Looks like an easy change, remove belt and balancer to gain access to the oil seal. Doesn't look like I would have to pull the timing cover.

    Hoping someone has done this and can advise whether this is as easy as it appears, or if perhaps there's some other place back there that the oil could be coming from... maybe the oil pan gasket for example.

    I've attached the page out of the manual for reference, part number 37 which is labelled as the crankshaft front oil seal.

    Was going to see what happens during first actual water use of the boat before taking anything apart.

    Appreciate any suggestions.