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Ď13 G23 fresh water intake

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  • Ď13 G23 fresh water intake

    While out today, the motor started overheating and shutting down. The oil level is good & the raw water strainer was not clogged. It seemed the engine coolent was low so we added maybe 10 oz of clean water after cooling down. This seemed to work and we made it back home with no further issues. The temperature dropped immediatly.

    After putting the boat on the lift, I inspected the intake on the bottom of the hull and saw a box covering it and it was full of debris; sticks, leaves etc. Iím coming from Mastercraft boats and have never seen the intake have a cover on it (this G is a new to me Ď13). Is this a standard factory install? I ride in a river and there will always be leaves, duck weed etc in the river. My first thought is to take it off but wanted some input if this cover is there for a reason.

    I havenít had a chance to check the impeller yet, but will this week. I ordered a new on to replace.

    Any input would be great!!
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    Yep standard OEM. Forces water in when at speed.

    with that being said... a few sticks in no way could block that unless they were all sorts of stuff cram packed in there.

    last time you changed/checked your impellor? What was itís condition??
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      Thanks dude! Yes, it was packed with small leaves, duck weed, small pieces of sticks etc. I wonder if anyone has taken it off. Iíll give the dealer a call when they open Tuesday.

      I just ordered a new impleller & have not inspected the current one; running out of daylight. Iím thinking it is combination of low collent, debris blockage and possibly the impeller.


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        IIRC the Ď13s were shipped without that and people found they were running hot. That box was added to address the issue. Do you by chance have the 550? I think it was more of an issue with the 550s but could be remembering wrong.


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          Thanks Bevo!! Itís the ZR450 CES.

          Question about this motors collant levels. Should it always be at least at the minimum level, even when the boat is running? I did add a heater and the dealer says the collant does run through the new added heater hoses (appx 20 linear feet to and from). This would explain why the collant level dropped all of a sudden and lead to the motor running hot.

          Any thoughts?


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            Mine does not have that box Rex you guys should come down and ride this weekend