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Fault Code from an Absent Sensor?

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  • Fault Code from an Absent Sensor?

    Hoping someone can shed some light on this. 2011 ZR409 (non-CES). Just had exhaust elbows replaced and on testing I am getting a SPN 173 code (high exhaust temperature).

    This engine doesn't have the optional exhaust sensors on the elbows so I am not sure how this code is coming about or how to make it go away. I have over 600 hours on the engine so far and up until this point have never had this code or check engine light. Boat seems to run fine otherwise although the exhausts were a little warm on first testing due to air in the coolant system. I found another thread referencing the same problem on a 2009 ZR409, this boat did have the sensors though and the OP ended up disconnecting them and taping them off.

    The mechanic is at a loss to explain how a sensor that doesn't exist can be sending a specific code? Are there any other sensors on this engine that could pick up a potentially high exhaust temperature? This has been happening after 5 minutes at idle from an overnight cold start.

    All hoses on raw water and coolant side have been checked for any blockages/air and engine is not anywhere near up to temperature at time of engine light coming on.

    Thanks in advance.