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Fuel sending unit question on '95 Ski Nautique

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  • Fuel sending unit question on '95 Ski Nautique

    2-part question and I know this has been covered a ton of times - but unfortunately I'm still confused.... The gauge on my '95 SN reads full all the time, I pulled the pink wire off the sending pin and it goes to empty. Took the unit loose from the tank so that I could move the float arm manually - and in it's full range of motion it only ranges from pegged-past-full to 3/4-full at the low point. Meaning, at what would be high float, the gauge is way past "full", to straight down, and the gauge only goes down to maybe 3/4-full. Besides the sending wire I'm holding the others manually to the steel flange on the sending unit so it could be just moving around. But I did it several times and it seems to be the norm...

    Part 2, if it's the sending unit, anybody got any tips on getting it out without removing the tank? There's only 3-4 inches of clearance above the tank and the opening is pretty small, doesn't seem to be a natural way to get it out. I spent a solid 15 minutes moving it around trying to figure out how to work the float end out with no luck.

    In full disclosure, I'm new to the site, new to Nautiques and a new boat owner period! But I've wanted a SN for 25 years and as much as I wish mechanics came to me naturally, they just don't.... Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Nate, I am not sure the clearance but I just removed mine(98) without removing the tank and was even able to replace it with the new type. KUS USA SSS Fuel & Water Level Sensor, 10"

    I only wished I would have measured my tank better because empty on my tank is a little weird now.
    Great site and a great bunch of people.

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      Thanks Beamons, yeah I was thinking of upgrading to that one or the electric that a few others have suggested here. Once I figure out how to get the original out for $42 sounds like a pretty good upgrade since I've already got the seat out anyway.