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  • Help please!!!

    2004 SAN 216. As we all know, using the keyless ignition pad when working properly, hit start once you get power to the panel. Hit it a second time, gauges come alive and fuel pumps activate. Press and hold, engine cranks.

    Here's my issue. Hit start once, panel comes alive. Hit it twice and gauges come alive BUT fuel pumps do not activate. Press and hold...nothing-no cranking.

    As a temporary work around, I installed a keyed ignition switch. I bypassed the relays on the engine block so that the fuel pumps and ignition come on when the key switch is in the on position and the starter, of course, engages when I turn the key the rest of the way.

    It is NOT an issue with the neutral safety switch-I bypassed it to check it.
    It is NOT an issue with the safety cutoff lanyard thingy. I bypassed it to check that as well.
    It is NOT either of the two relays mounted atop the engine. I swapped then replaced them.

    My limited intellect tells me it's either:
    A) the keypad
    B) something in the breaker box
    C) a wiring issue somewhere

    Please help with any thoughts.

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    Does you boat have the toggle switch to shut down everything?


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      Yes. Three position. Off, Bilge Only, and All On. It was in the "All On" position


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        I'm not well versed in this and am brand new in the Nautique family. That said, I will gladly offer my inexperienced an ill-educated opinion. It seems to me that it would be the keypad. If a breaker or wiring was the problem, I doubt that your fix would work. Since you effectively bypassed the keypad with your keyed ignition and then things work, I would think the problem has to reside there. You might get lucky and find a bent or corroded pin on the keypad connector...