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New Owner - Question on gauges in an SV211

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  • New Owner - Question on gauges in an SV211

    I just picked up an '06 SV211 TE last week - been working to get things clean up, interior was neglected and a few minor mechanical problems need addressed.

    Simple question that I need to know: When I turn the boat on, has keyless ignition, should all the gauges light up and work - should I have any display on the LDC screens on the tach/speedo? I know there is an issue with the fuel sending unit, and possibly the temp gauge, but they all worked when I took the boat for a test drive before I bought it.

    I can't seem to get the radio to come on either, which it also worked during the test the case of the radio - it has 12v on the red wire going into the radio...for now, I'm just curious about the gauges.


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    My 04 should have the same keyless system as yours.
    I put in the code and press start once to unlock.
    At this point the stereo comes on.
    Then press start again to turn on the boat.
    At this points the gauges come on and lcd displays come on. The back lighting does not come on unless I turn on the nav lights.


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      Thanks for the response - that's what I figured. Do the backlights for the main gauges only work if the motor is running? When I have the accessory power on, the ballast tank back lights work, but the main gauges are not backlit - I'm hoping that's because the motor is not running. My stereo is doing something odd I think - I put a meter on the red wire, and i have 12v - but it's not turning on. I'm guessing the head unit is dead.



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        One thing to note is... The up/down arrows on one of the large gauges acts as a dimmer switch for gauges on dash, my 06 did the same thing, the ballast gauges would light up but the dash ones were out, kept pressing up on the arrow and they came on, Try to keep pressing the up button next time and see if they light up
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          Had to jump in the boat and play to figure this out. If the nav lights are on, with the boat just unlocked, the ballast lights are back lit. If i hit start again to put the boat in run mode ( but don't go ahead and start it ) then all gauges are back lit.

          Scooter, thanks, i learned a new trick. It's the up/down buttons on the tach that function as dimmers.
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