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2007 Ski Nautique stalled and stopped at low speed

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  • 2007 Ski Nautique stalled and stopped at low speed

    After 2 hours of skiing I was driving at 5-8 mph back to the dock and the engine chugged and stalled. It restarted, but might have been missing a bit (or I was overly sensitive). Temp was ok. 3/8 full of fuel. One guest "smelled fuel" but no one else did. No problems pulling up skiers this outing, but 4 weeks ago I had one episode of lag/low power when picking up a skier. Resolved and didn't recur. 290 hours on the engine. I have since started and run the engine at idle at the dock with no problems. I've had the boat 2 years. No fuel filter change. Oil and oil filter changed at 265 hours 3 months ago. Boat is used in inland salt water in Southern California, stored on a lift, and flushed after each use. Any suggestions about what to check for or what I might be dealing with? Thanks!

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    Could certainly be fuel filter related. When's the last time it had regular maintenance like plugs/wires/cap/rotor/etc.?

    Also, which engine is in the boat? Excalibur or ZR6?
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      Thank you! It's Excaliber. I bought the boat with 210 hours on it and have not done anything with plugs/wires/cap/rotor/etc., and I'm not sure when or if the previous owner did this. It now has 290 hours. How often does it need this maintenance? My skill set is low to medium (I changed out the starter and did the oil change myself).


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        Fuel pump. Listen for the high pressure pump to prime when you turn the ignition on (just before starting). If you hear this, most likely it is your low pressure fuel pump that has failed. Mine failed @ 200 hours.

        Check your fuses too. Mine blew a fuse before the pump failed. Fuse blew, I replaced it and two weeks later the pump failed.

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          Thank you. I have a key-less starter (I punch in a code and hit "start") so I'm not sure how to turn on the ignition before starting. Or do I just listen when I hit "start?" Am I listening for it to prime just before the starter engages? Ignition on and start sequence all seem to happen at once when I hit "start."


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            Yes, put in your code and hit start once. You should hear the pump engage. My '08 had the same thing happen, symptom-wise, but I forget now which pump actually went out. Dealer swapped it out in just a couple of hours. Boat had just over 100 hours on it.
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              Start with the filters, there should be two, one between the tank and the engine, the low pressure filter, and one in the Fuel Control Cell. I change mine every season, simple job. Much cheaper than replacing fuel pumps.
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                I agree to start with replacing the fuel filters. While you are at it, replace the 2.5 long fuel line that suspends the high pressure fuel pump inside the FCC. sells them, remember the PND discount code.

                Next, check the fuel pressure with gauge score screwed into the Schrader valve on top of FCC. Looking for 39 psi on my GT40, Excalibur may be different, the operating pressure may be on your engine cowl.

                I don't think your problem is electrical. I replace plugs every 300 hrs and change transmission fluid every 200, some say 100 hrs. You might as well perform these while you have your toolbox out. I'd get the fuel addressed first though. Not sure about Excalibur's cap and rotor but you should at least inspect since you are in a salty environment.

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