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2000 sport gt40 idle issues

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  • 2000 sport gt40 idle issues

    My 2000 sport nautique is having some issues with the idle. When I start it up the idle is around 1200 but works it's way up to 1600-1700 and stays there. The first couple times we took it out it would run ok once you put it in gear, but then it started stalling out and would have a hard time starting back. Where is the best place to start looking to fix this? It ran perfect last summer.

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    If you haven’t found a solution to this try the guys over at CCFan. They have a “Poor mans” gt40 post that I believe discusses this multiple times.

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      I'd start with pulling the IAC and cleaning out the port with some throttle body cleaner. It's possible the IAC valve is failing as well which is an easy replacement, and could cause a high idle if it's responding slow, or not at all.

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