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gel coat cracks

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  • gel coat cracks

    So I recently picked up a 1999 super air nautique and Iím noticing a lot of long hairline cracks in the gel coat. Most of them being at the transom and a couple in the hull on both port and starboard side underneath the water line. Thereís no signs of damage as if it was hit hard in them spots or any where else on the boat. The cracks are very thin even running ur finger nail over them in most spots you canít even feel them is this something I should be worried about? I attached a couple photos of the cracks at the transom I tried to get a couple of the ones on the hull but there so fine I canít get a good picture of them.
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    "Spider-web" cracks. They're purely cosmetic. If they really bother you, a good gel-coat repair shop can fix them. Outside of that, just ignore them.


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      I have the same thing happening on my 96 CB Nautique. Just noticed them as well this year. I was going to post a question about correcting them or if itís going to be a stringer issue.