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vortec 5.7 code 41 Electric spark timing (EST)*open*circuit

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  • vortec 5.7 code 41 Electric spark timing (EST)*open*circuit

    I am getting a code 41 Electric spark timing (EST) open circuit
    2004 vortec 5.7 pcm
    the boat runs great until in the water under a load 2500 rpm and higher
    I have the techmate scan tool and have set the base timing 5 times and still get the error any one had this issue?

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    Base Timing is non adjustable on a Excalibur engine....You should be adjusting Cam Retard which should read 43-47 Degrees....I set this at the middle point 45 degrees


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      hum thats helpfull. when I checked the cam retard it was was reading 45 and I was able to reset the distributor up one tooth and get it to 10 degrees so much bad info on the internet. it does run good on the hose but not under a load in the water.
      Question though when I tell the techmate to enable the set base timing mode it drops the rpm down 100-150? thanks for the info


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        Like I said....Base timing is non adjustable...this is set by the ECM...If you have a cam retard reading of 45 and the boat is still not running right, I would then try a new diistributor cap and rotor arm...they are known to give problems....