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2016 G23 Just quit running...

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  • 2016 G23 Just quit running...

    Boat just quit in the middle of tubing w kids. I tried turning Perko switch to off—seems like that is the problem. (Can tell the way it feels when I turn it that it is not normal.) Whatever is behind there must’ve came loose and fell off or disconnected. No power. Can someone please tell me best way to get at it so I can attempt to reconnect myself?

    Shoud I attempt to take the panel (the one w the switch itself) off? Or try go through the little panel below the glove box next to the steering wheel?

    Will try send pics next.


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    Click image for larger version

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      Sorry about the multiple posts and the sideways pics...


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        Seems to be another issue that is quite common. On my 2013 230, there is panel underneath the helm(which would be above the drivers feet, that I took off to inspect. From there you should be able see the problem which is likely a busted switch. The cables put more stress on the switch body than it can take. Some say that if they are secured properly this would not be an issue.

        I ended up taking the vinyl side panel off the side of the walk through and pulled out the entire black plastic box that is holding the breaker panel. The breaker panel comes with and you have plenty room to access. I needef to work from both the walk through side and underneath to replace. I ended replacing with a larger spare perko I had, hoping it would be a bit stronger and less likely to break.

        I wonder if they have fixed this issue on the newer boats. Does any know if nautique is aware and has corrected? Should be a simple fix!

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          power cables are too stiff and too thick and routed with sharp bends too close putting too much torque on the Perko and eventually rip the G’s Perko apart.

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