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2006 Air Nautique Stops Cruising

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  • 2006 Air Nautique Stops Cruising

    On our last boating trip, we'd be cruising at a moderate speed and the boat would just stop. The engine is still running but its as though the boat was put in neutral. But the throttle is still in the cruise position. Any input would be great. thx

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    Any chance something is going wrong with the Perfect Pass? I'd try setting that to "off" and see if the problem still happens.



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      More info please, like Charles said, is the Perfect Pass on? Does the engine rev? Does it bog down and just come off plane? If your engine RPMs are unaffected or rev Id say youve got a transmission or cable linkage issue. If the engine RPMs cut way down it may be the engine. Does it surge after slowing down? Like trying to get back up to speed?

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        Here's some further details. Perfect Pass is OFF. Its slows down and goes into neutral. No bogging. The throttle is non-functional I can't rev the engine. I have to turn the engine off and restart in a few minutes. I was told it might be the potentiometer.