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Pulling my prop and...

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  • Pulling my prop and...

    essentially punched myself in the eye....doh! This was yesterday and it hurts if i press on it (i.e., my eyeball...LOL). Thought everyone would get a laugh.

    FACTS: I was pulling the four-blade prop using the excellent ACME prop-puller from It has been mentioned that the pull is somewhat violent, but i had to put my 190 lbs and both arms on it to get it to pop off. WHen i finally did that, everything came loose and my hand whent straight into my eye. Ouch.

    Edit: I'm flying to DC tomorrow for a meeting and very well may have a black eye...greattttt
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    Ha! Great story. I just gave a presentation last week at a conference. Luckily, our weather has been lousy, so I didnt have to worry about any water toy injury!

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      You leave the nut on loose and turn the screw on the puller and then it pops the prop loose. Then you just take off the nut and it comes right off.

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        Put a bit of pressure on the puller and pour over a kettle of boiling water. Prop pops right off. Has worked for me every time. No black eyes!

        and yes, leave the nut on!



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          I left the nut on, but just had to put so much pressure on my wrench for the prop puller that when the prop popped, my wrench came off the prop puller i somehow punched myself in the eye.

          Thanks for the hot water suggestion! I'll definitely try that next time.

          PS, no real black eye...LOL...phew