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Loose wiring on 2000 Pro Air Nautique, PCM 5.0 HO engine

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  • Loose wiring on 2000 Pro Air Nautique, PCM 5.0 HO engine

    Hello all, new to the forums. I have 2000 Pro Air Nautique that I recently purchased with the 275HP PCM 5.0 HO motor. It has a knob on the front section that I do not know what it does. Also there are 2 wires sticking out (black & white in pictures) that look like they are supposed go into the wiring harness. When I reconnect the wires to where they look like they should go, the knob seizes up, when I disconnected, the knob is loose. This is with the battery (good) currently connected. So below are my questions.

    1. What is this knob?
    2. Are the loose wires supposed to be connected?

    Currently the motor does not run (suspect fuel delivery issue), however I will be making another post regarding this later.

    Thanks for all of the help!

    - David
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    That is your perfect pass servo.

    The perfect pass basically works by turning the knob, which unwinds a string attached to the throttle. As the string unwinds the throttle it closed and the boat will decelerate.

    When the boat starts the know will turn until the string tightens completely.

    Perfect pass has some great manuals describing how it functions and how to troubleshoot. Much better then I can do but when the motor has power the know should be stiff.

    Looks like it should've been plugged in. There are two Molex plugs which plug into a wire that, if you follow it will attach the master module (a black box that is the brain of the system) .

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