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ZeroOff - just ABC ?

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  • ZeroOff - just ABC ?

    Friend of mine just picked up a 2007 196 with zerooff. Trying to set the speed / pull, but it seems to only have ABC, not the number option. ie: we can't set "B2."

    Can anyone tell me if the original Zerooff only had the letter settings, or are we missing something in the setup ?

    I called Zerooff but didn't get conclusive info. The guy I spoke to was as helpful as he could be, but said he wasn't around at that time and didn't think there was any documentation or old software for him to confirm conclusively that's what our problem is. He suggested doing a system Rev update, but we'd hate to spend the money / time doing that if we aren't sure it will fix the problem.

    Any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks !