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99 Python Super Air Rebuild.

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  • 99 Python Super Air Rebuild.

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ID:	579478 I've got a thread going on CCF as well but figured I needed one here since there is still an OG Nautique Crowd Lurking around here. That and Brit is making me look bad with his resto projects.

    Cliff Notes:

    Bought a 99 Super Air locally that I saw on here.
    It's a Python boat with an 04 Tower
    Interior and Exterior are nice. With some love they will look great. Might replace a skin or two in the next few years.

    The boat only has around 240 hours but had a rod hanging out the side of the block.

    This Year:
    Small Stereo Items

    Next Fall:
    Disc Brakes
    Tower Bimini
    Redo Stereo
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    So I've been trying to work on it since last fall but life has been in the way but I'm finally getting my act together.
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      Bilge is Clean, Motor is just about ready to stab


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          New Stuff to got Along with a New Motor:
          Cooling Hoses
          Ballast Pumps and Hoses
          Fuel Lines
          FCC Filter
          Water Pump
          MSD Plug Wires
          Bilge Pumps and Hoses (bilges worked but the plastic was brittle and they were filled with motor oil and sludge. I'll keep them for spares.
          New Blower Hose (Blower itself was good)
          All New Sensors and Switches

          In the Boat:
          New Ignition and Key
          Couple New Dash Switches
          LED Underwater Light
          New Head Unit and In-Boat Speakers


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            Click image for larger version

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              Motor in.
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                Subscribed... such a cool boat, except for the tower I think the coolest nautique I can imagine being restored is a 99 SS/SAN with the python motor in it.


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                  Glad to see you making some progress! My projects have just about come to an end this year. Still have to do a full ballast system in TJís blue OG but that should only occupy 1 weekend and itíll be finished.

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                    I think that is one of the coolest projects and coolest boats out there. I love to see people restoring older boats. The brand new motor is amazing keep it up and post more pics.


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                      Thanks guys,

                      Always said I wanted a python Super Air but never found one at the right time... I wasnít sold on the purple at first but now that weíve started pulling the old decals off and buffing I love it.

                      And funny the tower is mentioned. Itís actually my least favorite part. I love the lines of the previous gen FCT so I would have preferred that but is what it is. Next winter Iíll consider a tower change after we put some hours on it. I like the aviators that people have put on Older super airs. Maybe that or an NDT version of the 00-03 tower.


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                        Looks like a pretty good little project!


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                          Motor is in an runs. I put the motor in but had some finish work to do. Wife was sick of looking at it and I was only getting little bits of time here and there to work on it. So I dropped it off at the shop. It's been there since april.

                          Hoping to finally get on the water this weekend at least. I still need to re install the interior and we'll just run it as is for a while. I'll finish up the ballast and stereo after the season. Pretty over it at this point. Talked to a few people that wanted to buy it once it runs but I think we are just going to stick it out this summer and maybe go a little newer/bigger. I change my mind every 30 minutes.


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                            Hoping I can get on the water sometime soon. Have had the 4th week scheduled off for a year for lake time with my kids.... At this point I should have just waited a bit, said no to another project and just bought something running/newer.


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                              Very cool boat! Did you do anything to the engine during the rebuild process? I would love to do a "minor" build of a 8.2 Python. When I had mine, I sent the ECU off to see if we I could tune it a bit as the PCM fuel curve is WAY fat on this engine. I don't think it would take much to get an easy 500hp out of the engine without stressing it.
                              I bet getting the engine out of the bilge required some gymnastics on your part?
                              Keep the faith and the good work going!
                              2008 230 TE-ZR6
                              1999 Pro Air Python-sold and moved away :-(