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2021 230 wave help

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  • 2021 230 wave help

    Just got my 230 two weeks ago trying to dial it in for surfing has the pro ballast system. The NSS system is different now so looking for some info if anyone could help. I here people going with the 750 bags. Have had somewhat success at about 10.8 6 on the nss system and full ballast. Any help would be great!

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    Even though your boat is newer, the thread below should still have all the info you need. It looks like a nautique just added more “notches” to the NSS system compared to the past, now 0-10 when in the past it was 0-5, but the principles are still the same and the hull has not changed. When reading through the recs, just halve your NSS number to compare to the numbers in the thread (your NSS 9 would be “4.5” on the old system, your NSS 2 would be NSS 1 on the old system). If you add ballast through bigger bags or “lead” you will find very low NSS numbers (probably 0-2) with speeds around 10.8 will be ideal with a long, clean, smooth, and pushy wave. It’s not surprising that you like bigger NSS numbers right now since you’re not running additional ballast, as the higher NSS makes the wave steeper but shorter (curl is closer to the boat). More ballast will also accomplish the steepening of the wave with increased push while allowing you to keep the NSS numbers low and the wave long. Hope this helps!