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2013-2015 G23: Wakeboarding and Surfing Setup

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  • 2013-2015 G23: Wakeboarding and Surfing Setup

    I am new to this forum, as I am collecting a 2013 G23 in a couple of weeks. Coming from a 2013 Malibu 22MXZ, which produces a stunning wakeboard wake fully loaded, I am super excited to move on to ownership of our first Nautique!

    I have read a whole lot of these forums already and have learned a lot of valuable information, but there is a lack of information for the gen1 G23 in terms of wakeboard and surf setup compared to the gen2 hull.

    Can anyone please share their surfing and wakeboarding setups for 2013-2015 G-series, including:
    - extra ballast configurations (locations, masses, etc.)
    - NSS and NCRS wake/surf configurations (including whether you use auto NRCS on high, low, or off for wakeboarding)
    - speed, and speed + rope length for wakeboarding
    - any other info you wish to share.

    Looking forward to sharing these forums! thanks

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    depends on what type of surfing you'll be doing. on our 2015, for surf style run a NSS at 0 or 1 and NCRS at 4 or 5. Steep shorter wake. For skim run pretty much the opposite. I personally run a NCRS at 0 and NSS at 2. Its almost the smallest wave the G produces but has a nice flat top on it for spins and slides. Unless your pro and extremely advanced performing huge airs, etc additional weight is not necessary and could actually hinder advancement. If anything a bit of weight near the front will extend you wake a little.


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      snidclothing Thanks, finally got out for our first day on the G today! Awesome boat.

      the wave was not as we expected at first. Put two 400lb bags in the rear lockers and it was much better. We rode a really large wave on our Malibu before this. Now it's great! Rode NSS 0, NCRS 3, full stock ballast, 400lb rear lockers, 11.5mph. Super long and plenty of lip on the wave! Reducing NCRS to 2 or 1 made it long and smooth for skim and 4-5 was super steep for airs! We do a bit of everything so 3 was the go for us.