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2018 GS24 ballast reccomendation

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  • 2018 GS24 ballast reccomendation

    Purchased a 2018 GS24 at the end of last season and struggling with dialing in the wave. Planning to upgrade ballast...would love to hear your thoughts on the Nautique pro ballast or wavemakers options?

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    we are kind of dealing with the same issue with my dad's 2018 GS20. we picked it up in September and only had a few weeks to play on it. we were riding a 5'0" liquid force rocket, which was a pretty decent board. however we are all novices at this, coming primarily from open water slalom skiing. I think there is a lot more technique required on these multi-sport boats than on the monster surf specific boats. I see fat guys just standing there riding along most of the time on our lake. before we make any changes to the boat, we are going to try a larger board this summer, and see if we can get the technique down better. After that, we'll look play around with full coolers and people ballast. At that point we might consider lead and the wakemakers option. Unfortunately we really like the trunk space.

    what has worked best for us so far has been the advise in the threads on here, to let a little out of the offside rear ballast. Depending on people load, may have to adjust the bow ballast too. I think we run about 80% in the offside, and 100% in the surf side and bow. At the end of the season, i was starting to get a better push. I'll admit the surf pocket was much closer to the boat that I thought it would be. I know with a 20' boat, we are not going to have a mile long surf pocket like a P25