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  • ACTIVE - SN200 Waves reduction

    Dear PlanetNautique members,
    I’m an owner of one Sport Nautique 200 boat (2015) from 2 years. (see attached photos)

    I like very much this boat for his versatility, performance, comfort with the family and high quality of construction. This boat is equipped, from original, with two fat sac ballasts.
    However I practice water skiing with my two children with 80% of slalom, 10% Figures, 10% of wake board and sometime wake surf.
    My problem is that this boat allows to pratice the slalom skiing but with a low speed 46 / 49 km/h, the waves of the furrow are little bit too important. For this reason I have to use the water skiing club’s boat to practice slalom discipline (Ski Nautique 200 or Mastercraft 190 ProSar).
    So What can I do to reduce these waves ?
    • Do you think that install some flaps can improve really the furrow to practice slalom ? I know that installation would be not easy caused by the hull’s form but if it’s interesting I could do a proper and professional installation.
    • Do you think that with electrical flaps, the waves would be better too for the wake and surf ?
    • Have you already installed flaps on a SN200V boat and what were the result ? If you already done, what brand and models do you recommend ?
    • Do you think that put some weight on the bow seats can straighten out the boat and reduce the waves ??? How many Weights ?
    • Have you others solutions or advices ?
    Thanks in advance for your further answers.

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    This is an interesting question. You might have more input if you post this on That's a forum specifically focused on slalom skiing. If anyone has a recommendation or has done this, I suspect you will find them there.

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      SilentSeven, thank you for your help. I signed up for the BallOfSpray forum and some interesting comments arrived.

      Best regards