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1986 Barefoot Nautique Surf Advice

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  • 1986 Barefoot Nautique Surf Advice

    Hey Nautique Peeps,

    We have a wonderful 1986 Barefoot Nautique 2001 we are looking to surf with while still being able to go footy.

    Was looking for any advise on where and how to ballast the boat for surfing. And pointers in the right direction would be awesome as well as total ballast weight.

    Currently only 1 400lb bag and wedge does not seem to be enough.

    BBC 454


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    I can't give you advice on that exact boat, but I do have a number of years experience surfing behind an older direct drive ('93 MC Prostar). We spent years slowly figuring it out. Here's what worked for us--it was certainly wasn't phenomenal, but it was definitely surfable for us (and several of us are in the 225 lb range).

    We'd put a 750 lb Fat Sac on each side of the engine compartment. A suction wake shaper is pretty much a necessity. With a full boat, we could do it with a few guys sitting on the transom (not the safest or most legal, but you add some suction cup handles for something to hold on to If we were light on people, we'd fill a 400 lb Fat Sac and put it on the rear seat. We never had to add anything to the front other than a person or two. With a direct drive, we really found we needed rear weight more than anything.

    Hope that helps.


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      Happy to hear you actually barefoot behind that boat


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        Did you get a decent surf wake behind the BFN? What was your formula?