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2007 nautique 226 team edition.

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  • 2007 nautique 226 team edition.

    Hello, I am currently boat shopping, I am looking at a 2007 air nautique 226 team edition. Am I able to surf off this boat I assume I would need to add additional ballast. If I buy this boat I will be purchasing wake makers piggy back bags and surf tabs. I assume this would do the trick. This boat is also listed as a crossover what does that mean? I am looking for a reliable surf and wakeboard boat under 40k.

    Any help would be appreciated. I did see some older posts about this boat but I am curious for more info and if those older posts were still relevant.
    thank you.

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    Can you surf it yes , is it the best boat to be a primary surf boat ? Not really. Will it get you into the sport of surfing , yes. That hull was a true crossover hull And specifically regarding the surf wake , makes it little tricky to really get a great wave. The “crossover” hull means the hull was designed to do skiing, wakeboarding , and surfing. Crossovers are great for families who want to split that evenly. The down side to crossover hulls is the usually aren’t great at any one thing. They’re average at most. Specifically the 226. It skis well for a big boat , wakeboards ok , but surf is really below average in my opinion.

    a 220 ,236 or 07 up 210 give you a much better Surf wake to grow with.
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      I have had one for 14 years (2005) and SwatGuy is right, the surf isn't perfect or at least I have not figured it out. I went all in on extra ballast and never was able to get it dialed in enough. The ski is fine, I actually think the wakeboard is pretty great (put a few people in and the wake is gigantic), but the surfing isn't what I see other boats doing.

      That said, it is a great boat and I am hoping to have ours for another 16 years.


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        So I just don’t wanna buy a boat to buy one. But it will be a family boat with a 1 yr old. So I assume we will surf some Relaxing and swimming but not going to be a pro wake surfer ever lol. Is it able to get a wave you can learn to surf on for a year or two then upgrade or is it not worth it? And I should just find one in my price range with better surf capabilities. New is way to expensive we need to stay under 45k.


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          It’s a great family boat performance and feature wise. The walkthrough makes swimming and lounging a breeze . It cruises well.

          the biggest factor at the moment above all is availability. There simply are not many options out there available at the moment as used and new boat sales are off the charts with record numbers. So everything is fetching a premium. At the 45k range you’re 07 and up 210 territory , or 220 territory both of which surf better overall than the 226. The 226 layout of seating would allow you to lounge out better than a 220 would . The freeboard or height(depth) of the boat is very deep and will keep you , the misses and the little one high and dry all day. storage is a little tight on the 226 for as big of a boat as it sits , I feel like my 08 210 has more storage than my buddies 226. The 226 will handle bigger water better than the 210.

          here’s my take

          if you can find a 07 or up 210 or 220 In your area , their surf capabilities are better and I would push you that direction. However if you can’t , the 226 will get it done for short time. The 226 will get you surfing ropeless and get you on the water to enjoy everything you mention , just expect that at some point during your progression I’d surfing is really your main Focus, you may need to upgrade To a better surf specific boat to satisfy that desire.


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            We surf just fine in our 05 226 team. Have a extra 800# and a mission wake shaper. Best part is no bow rise like some others on the lake.

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              Where do you put the 800# additional ballast?


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                Did you find a boat, I have the exact boat you are looking for was trying to sell to upgrade but took it off the market as it's winter and not much interest,
                It surfs just fine I added 1000lbs to the back 500 each side and use a suck gate check the video out
                If you are interested in buying let me know we can talk more


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                  I actually already bought one thank you though.


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                    No problem to surf a 226. I have an 06. Weight it evenly. They don’t make a good wave listing the boat. I have 3000lbs of ballast and use a Mega shaper. Easily a waist high wave on me and I’m 6-4. Lots of push and long pocket. Adjusting the suck gate on the hull will adjust the wave. Pull the ballast tanks and replace with bags. Wakemakers have my design for the rear lockers now. You can get 700lbs under the walkway and I threw 3- 50lb lead bags in the rear corners as well. 6oo in the center locker. 700 in the bow. My port ballast tank was cracked. So just way easier and cheaper to do the bags. Gonna upgrade the pumps this winter for faster fill up and drain. Competes with newer boats for a fraction of the cost. Great for cruising when empty if I change the prop… takes 5 minutes in the driveway. Cruises at 32-35mph. The walkway keeps the upholstery from damage and from burning the crap out of you here in Charleston SC.


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                      Bizarrosuperman sorry to revive this old thread. Do you have pics or could you explain where you place your mega shaper?


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                        I don’t have pics. I adjust depending on the current (I’m in Rivers mostly)and how many people on the boat. I usually start directly under the small Nautique logo at the back and under the water line. Back as far as the rear suction cup will still contact in the chine. Then move forward and angle until I get the wave I want. I use this or double stack in a stagger pattern my Nauticurl shapers