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2010 210 bow ballast setup

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  • 2010 210 bow ballast setup

    I have a 2010 210. I ripped the factory hard tanks out in the rear and put 1100’s in place. I have a 300lb bag in the ski locker and have a 400 in the bow. My question is what is everyone running for bow setups? I’d like to have everything hidden away and plumbed in. I don’t want the horse shoe bag under the bow seats because I don’t want to loose anchor storage. Wake makers sells an arrow bag that’s 650 lbs but I don’t see how it will fit under the floor of the bow. Anyone have any experience with this bag?

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    I'm interested to hear as well. I've got a 12' SANTE with stock factory at the moment. Was considering replacing the rear hard tanks with 1100s and replacing the belly hard tanks with a 650 locker bag or leaving the belly hard tanks and installing the arrow bag. It states in the description that you won't get 650lbs in a 210 with the arrow and by the looks of it, you'd be lucky to get 400 - 450.

    I realize the stock system in 2012 was 906 lbs, does anyone know how the weight is distributed between the front and rear?


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      The arrow bag was specifically designed for the 230. Your assumption is correct and it won’t add much more weight. I too run 1100’s in the rear and the piggy back 400lb bag in the ski locker off the center tank.

      I added 280lbs of pop Products bags (40lbs each) and keep them tucked as far forward in the bow as possible ( under the center bow cushion). You don’t need nearly as much weight as placing a sac on he center walkthru because all that weight is as far forward as possible. With this setup I am
      able to run the rear bags 3/4 full for wakeboarding with the 2571 prop , And the bags completely full for surf ( well the surf side bag is full, and non surf side is about 3/4 with my NSS deployed)

      I will add this. Acme recently released the 2571 prop mentioned above. I previously had a 1617 on there. Hands down the hole shot/performance upgrade weighted for wakeboarding wit that upgraded 2571 was worth every penny. It almost halved my time to get on plane. Don’t know you need it if surf is your primary , but if you’re a wakeboard guy like I still am that 2571 is the shiat!!!!!!!
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        Click image for larger version

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ID:	620327 I too run the 2571 prop. I have 1100’s in the rear and a 400 in the ski locker but to me the bow needs more weight, because of bow rise. The wave with this setup is awesome though. I ordered the wakemakers 500lb bag that goes under the bow seats and if need be I’ll run some lead as well. Definitely recommend the 2571 prop!


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          What 400lb bag do you have that fits in between the U-shaped tanks on the 210? I have a 375lb Straight Line Big Bag (65" x 14" x 14") that I have tried to stuff in the locker, but it doesn't fit all that well. Perhaps I wasn't patient enough to get it placed properly before filling it.

          In between the U-shaped tanks, there's about 11" of width and about the same for height to accommodate a bag. I have read that some people use the Tube Fatsac 370 and it fits perfectly in there....maybe I'm missing something, but the dimensions of the bag is 62" x 16" x 10"


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            For now I just lay in on the seats in the bow. I don’t have exact dimensions. It’s a fly high bag. I’m still waiting on my bow bag from wakemakers.