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Surf system for 83 correct craft

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  • Surf system for 83 correct craft

    I just bought a 83 correct craft 1 ski nautique. I am wondering what surf systems are compatible with a 83 ski nautique. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Surf system? You’re going to have to start a lot smaller than that. I had an 83 Ski Nautique. You can get a really nice fun wakeboard wake out of that boat. Don’t expect a lot of surf from it. It’s a 37 year 2,000lb-ish 19’ boat made to produce a flat ski wake. There’s only so much it can do. You can put an 800lb sac in the back. You can put 450lb bags on either side of the engine. You can add a surf gate. With all of that your rubrail will be in the water and you’ll barely have a pocket. My 13 year old daughter could go ropeless. I could sometimes if I got in the pocket just right. That was it.

    That being said, it’s an amazing boat. I really miss mine. There are a lot of things you can do with it. Surfing just isn’t really one of them.