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advice on after market surf 'gate'

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  • advice on after market surf 'gate'

    we have a '05 Sport Nautique...V drive....there are many of the 'suction cup' surf gates on the market...does anyone have any advice on which one is best?

    Anyone have experience with the "Mission Boat Gear Surf Shaper?"

    thanks in advance.


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    The dealer threw a Liquid Force suction gate in when I bought my boat. I like that one. I don’t have experience with the other ones to tell you what is best, only that I’m happy with mine.


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      There are some side by side YouTube comparisons of a handful of them. I only bought one (Swell HDX3+) so I only have experience with mine good experience but no real experience with any other.

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        I bought a ebay wake shaper for $100 a couple of years and it has done well for us.


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          I make my own less than 20.00 works great


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            I have a Mission Delta 2.0 ( Is it the best? Who the heck knows. I don't know anyone that has done the Pepsi challenge with several versions from multiple vendors on their boat. Even the stuff you see on YouTube can be very subjective and only pertain to a certain boat.

            I went with the Delta due to it's flexible design that allows you to mount it several ways and more importantly their customer service. I called these guys up and someone that actually knew the product and surfed picked up the phone and talked to be about how to use it and where the best place to install it on MY boat would be. I also like the idea that they're a small business located in the US.

            I will say it is a quality product and has yet to fall off, even when we forgot to take it off and got close to 25 MPH before realizing it was still on the side of the boat.


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              I have original Mission Delta on our 03 SANTE which I believe is the same hull. Haven't compared with others but it definitely works wonders and I agree with the flexibility comment because we have it "reverse mounted" so the wedge can be farther back on the hull. Second season with it and it never falls off and will even stay sucked on over the decal stripe on the boat.


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                Adam with SWELL here, id put our new H3X series head to head against any wake shaper on the market, the tech really works and we stand behind it with our SWELL Promise, 30 day money back guarantee.

                Bakersfield Tuff on YouTube did a comparison on a bunch of shapers a few years ago.


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                  I have the original Swell on an 01 SAN and it has worked well for us.