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  • Best surf setup G21

    What's the best surf setup ?

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      Here is what “we” like the best.
      Belly 15% if nobody in the bow
      starboard 75-80%
      port 100%
      speed 11.1-11.2
      NCRS 0-2 (rider preference )
      NSS 0-2 (rider preference )

      adjust ballast and settings slightly as needed to tweak the shape and length.

      We ger get a real nice wave on both sides with this set up. Tall, clean and long.


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        Not sure what he has Ncrs or Nss at? Not hard to figure that out with just testing the different settings.


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          I got my Settings from Tommy. Being goofy, he probably put more weight on the starboard side instead of 75%


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            I run the following for regular:

            30 % Belly (Lower if people in bow)
            100 % Port
            80 % Star
            11.3 - 11.4
            NCRS 0 -1
            NSS 0-1

            This setup produces a really long wave with massive push.


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              I forgot... I also run 150 lb lead in the observers area and 100 lbs in each rear pocket locker. I also have 100 lbs at the front of the compartment behind the drivers seat and in the opposite compartment on the port side.


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                I tried the settings on my 2020 G21 and it makes mush. I had to go 80% Belly, 100% Port, 80% Starboard, NSS 5, NCRS 4, 100 pounds lead in the Port Observers Locker. The surf wave is good. My 2017 Mastercraft XT23 put out a cleaner surf wave.

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                  I change my settings on my 2014 G21 all the time. All settings list NCRS/NSS. MPH. My waves are generally very clean. I do think the Malibu and mastercraft waves look cleaner and smoother but aren't as fun/good for surfing. Always hard to tell as changing waves tough and I have 100x the time on my wave vs. friends' boats.

                  Empty belly - 100% both rear. 3/2 11.2 This makes a steeper wave and better for airs and higher end tricks. Good push at rear of wave.

                  I generally like all 100% - 3/3 11.0. More versatile wave. Good all around wave for most.

                  For longboarding (9'0) and cross-stepping etc...all 100% 0/0 12.0 -12.2 mph

                  Belly at 50%, rear 100% 5/2 11.5 mph makes a steep wave on regular side that's fun to smack surf style.

                  I do have 150 pounds under port side across driver to balance driver weight.

                  Passenger sits on surf side.

                  I rarely have mismatched weight in rear but we jump the wake a lot plus switch riders so don't empty and fill between. I have not experimented with that much.

                  One thing I really like about the G21 is you can modify the wave a lot. I haven't played with my friend's G23 enough but seems like she can't modify her wave as much (or at least hasn't learned how).

                  Starboard wave definitely naturally steeper than port wave. Both great waves though.



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                    Dave, these are great suggestions

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                      So interesting how different the setups are that people use. Here’s what we have on our 2020 G21:

                      Belly: 85%
                      Star: 85%
                      Port: 100%
                      NSS: 1
                      NCRS: 5
                      Speed: 11.2 - 11.4

                      2020 SAN G21
                      2018 SAN G21 (traded in)
                      2015 Tigé R20 (sold)
                      1972 MFG Gypsy-15 (sold)


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                        Sorry, hit send early...

                        50 # rear port locker
                        100# middle port seat
                        50# port passenger seat
                        50# port bow
                        100# middle starboard seat

                        Wave is huge, steep, clean, with huge push. Will play around with some of the other suggestions but feel like we’ve got it dialed.

                        2020 SAN G21
                        2018 SAN G21 (traded in)
                        2015 Tigé R20 (sold)
                        1972 MFG Gypsy-15 (sold)