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Adding additional ballast to 14 g21?

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    So I’m adding bags to the lockers on our G21 as we seldom have more tha 3 people riding. Can you give me tips on how you plumbed them? Did you add pumps or include them in stock system? I thought I was buying a piggyback system from Wave Makers but actually got universal bags for a 210. I see where I could tee fitting to the fill line but not sure about the vent line as it is smaller than the 1” ID that’s on the bag. TIA.


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      It looks like per Wakemakers, they do not have a piggyback kit for the 2014 G boats, only the 210 and 230. For model years 2015 on they show a piggyback kit for G boats. I don't own a G, so I do not know what the difference in the 14 vs 15 model year is, but it looks like you might have to rig something up.

      I personally would call Wakemakers and ask what you should do for the 2014 model. If you bought the 210 kit, it may not even work for your boat. They would know, so I would start there.