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Nautique's textured vinyls like Coolmax

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  • Nautique's textured vinyls like Coolmax

    I am finalizing the design on the new vinyl for my 96 Sport. The shop is in Orlando and sources vinyl directly from Correct Craft. He has suggested I do the seat base "bumps" with the textured vinyl like they are doing in most of the new Nautiques. I saw this on a G23 at the boat show last year. I agree with him it looks super cool, but as soon as I saw it at the boat show, my first though was how easily it would to get dirty and or moldy in all those texture crevices.

    For those of you who have newer Nautiques with the textured feature areas, how has the durability been? Do I have valid concerns or am I overthinking it? I love things that look good, but I'm really into practicality in design as well. And I want this upholstery job to last a long time.


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    I can't say I've noticed a difference regarding the need to clean the newer style vinyl vs. the old. I've only had my current boat for one summer. My previous Nautique was a member of my household for 18 years.

    Here is some info on the current Nautique vinyl that I posted in another thread.

    I contacted Nautique customer support over a statement in my owner's manual. The statement relates to vinyl treated with PreFixx. The way the manual reads, it wasn't clear to me if all vinyl in my 200 has this coating, some of the vinyl, or if this is an optional treatment. What is clear is that any PreFixx coated vinyl should not be cleaned/coated with additional conditioner. That statement is really why I asked customer service about PreFixx. I wanted to use the correct cleaner and conditioner, if applicable.
    Customer service responded by saying that PreFixx coated vinyl has not been used by Nautique in "some time". The manual language has not been appropriately updated. Spradling is the current vinyl supplier. Spradling said this below.
    We also say that the material does not need a conditioner. Many products on the market that are advertised to condition vinyl have Petroleum chemicals in them that can cause vinyl to dry and crack.

    Spradling's website has some good information about approved cleaning agents.


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      What shop is doing the work? I have been buying the skins from Nautique but they no longer carry them for a 2008. They won't give me the name or vinyl color so I can buy the material and have them made local . So they won't make them and they won't help me get material .


      • #4 sells vinyl by the yard based on hull ID. The shop I use just gets current vinyl colours straight from CC factory nearby. I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna be able to get the vinyl from a vinyl supplier. Even if Spraudling makes the vinyl, it’s going to be a custom OEM product just for Nautique. It’s not gonna be out of the regular catalogue.

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