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Hard Tank Removal and Appropriate Replacement Bag Size 2011 210

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  • Hard Tank Removal and Appropriate Replacement Bag Size 2011 210

    Good day to you all,

    I have been running a DIY piggy back system in my 2011 210. I think the bags are 400s on top of the hard tanks. It works fine but its not really ideal and I am thinking about taking the hard tanks out now and dropping in some soft bags. I am trying to make the most of the Black Friday furore and get something ordered asap.

    The boat is used 95% for wakeboarding, storage space isn't an issue as we live on the lake. Is a 1000lb bag on either side overkill if I move one of the 400s to the bow and keep a tube sac in the walkway locker? I am at sea level with a ZR409 and a Acme 1433. I really want the best wake I can.

    I have read a lot on the forum about people adding 1100lbs and 1000lbs but which bag brand and size specifically? Do I need to worry about the size constraints of the locker area once the hard tanks are out or can I assume that the 1100/1000 will just mold itself to fit the space?

    Appreciate any insight from those who have done it.

    Cheers and happy Thanksgiving

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    I run Fly high 1100’s in the rear. I consider myself an advanced rider with about 5 inverts still at 41.

    You wont be able to wakeboard with 1100’s completely filled on each side. I’d say I probably am at 8-900 per side with 3 cycles on my buttons. I’ve tried that with 400 lb sac in the bow walkway and the piggy back in the ski locker. That 400lb is not enough to off set the 1800 in the rear so I don’t use a sac at all up in the bow. I use 360/lbs of pop bags stuffed all the way in the bow area and that works perfect . The key is getting as much weight forward as possible. Use a sac in the bow walkway doesn’t get enough weight to the front. I run 23.5mph

    When i surf my surf side 1100 is completely full , so that’s why I roll with the 1100’s as well as the fact I need the storage space when traveling.


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      Thanks swatguy. I am going to get ahead and order a pair of those bags now. I see Wakemakers have a similar bag of their own brand which comes with larger 1 inch ports, did you find your bags filled at a decent rate or should I go with the wider ports? Did you need to reinforce your dividers at the back with the 1100s?