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  • G23

    Does anyone on here not like there g23 mainly asking about surfing wake and if
    so what are they reasons
    Thanks in advance

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    Have one and LOVE it. But there are drawbacks I live with and wouldn't stop me from buying again. Some may not agree.

    1- Engine noise, it's loud and the sounds reverberates in the cabin. It's less loud with the bimini closed. Some people don't agree and I'm sure others are just blasting the stereo. I have very young children so we are sensitive to their ears. Our 4 month old wore noise cancelling earphones all summer.

    2- Stock stereo stinks on my 2016. Again with young kids no point in upgrading at this time like I did my last boat

    3- Gas mileage above 25 mph is bad. Not what the boat is designed for but we are on a big lake and cruise around a lot at 28-30 mph. RPM's are high and so is the gas consumption. Otherwise I consider the gas usage for surf/wakeboard very good.

    4- When ballasted water will come through the walk through when coming off plane unless you give the throttle a pump or turn. Fine for experienced driver but I still miss 1 out of 100 and get some people wet. Novice driver will learn the hard way.

    5- My screen doesn't fire up every time. Have to shut down boat and try again. I'm sure one day it won't work at all.

    6- Slow speed handling is tough. It's a big boat and doesn't move easily or if it's going in one direction hard to get it to stop. Hence why they added a thruster option.

    7- Still rides like a ski boat. Again we're on a big lake with potential for big chop. The massive weight helps but in the end it's still a flat bottom watersports boats so it doesn't cut chop and can land quite hard and have a wet ride in a cross or head wind. Every time I ride in my dad's 26 ft Cobalt I'm reminded of how nice a v-hull ride is.


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      Have a 19, love it, would buy again over anything else.

      Comments below referencing Kmayotteís

      1- Engine noise - quietest wake boat engine noise Iíve been around, H6 in ours. People have conversions all over the boat while someone is riding. Have small kids, no concerns here, in fact opposite, itís been a nice change to be quieter.

      2- Stereo - is good, also better than most other stockish I have heard. Only complaint could be that towers are not HLCD, but then again donít like to blast people across the lake anyway. If you care about longer distance travels at high speed, the wavefront upgrade is perfect for that.

      3- Gas mileage - surprisingly impressed/happy with this, basically never go over 25 though.

      4- Walk through water with ballast full for non experienced/forget - Yup, trade off of the nice walkthrough.

      5- My screen doesn't fire up - havenít had this problem.

      6- Slow speed handling - donít really notice this different than other inboard boats of similar size. Personally donít love thruster option (donít have it) for various reasons.

      7- Still rides like a ski boat - yep kind of, a big heavy one though.


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        Originally posted by Kmayotte View Post
        5- My screen doesn't fire up every time. Have to shut down boat and try again. I'm sure one day it won't work
        I had this problem, may not be the same, but if you hear a relay clicking when it doesnít work, then the relay is bad. Super easy to fix, but just listen for the clicking.

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          Iím at 210hrs on a 2018 and all we have done is change the oil. Zero issues with any of the electronics or anything else for that matter. The quality and fit/finish of this machine is second to none.

          Only complaints are as stated above the engine noise is pretty prominent and it handles poorly...which is why the thruster in manual mode is such an awesome option even if it is expensive...

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